Sparkle In My Heart Necklace

Sparkle In My Heart Necklace

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Splendid Heart Necklace

❤️Let the light in your heart shine and bright with incredible light.

❤️Let the light from your heart go through your smiles and eyes into the world.


Made of stainless steel, the beautiful pendant on the Splendid Heart necklace is adorned with seven glimmering, white Swarovski crystals, including one large crystal which glistens in the center of the heart. The Splendid Heart necklace is the perfect accessory for any ensemble, complete with a stainless steel link chain.

316L Stainless Steel with seven white Swarovski crystals

Pouch included

Pendant Size: W: 0.87" H: 1.49"

Chain Length:16" - 18" Adjustable